Does Google Maps Embed in Blogs Help With Local Rankings?

Ever since Google reduced the number of local listings from 7 packs to 3, the competition just got stiffer for everyone. If you are doing local SEO for clients, you want all the competitive edge you can get. One of the hottest trends in local SEO space has been leveraging maps embed via blog syndication to influence local rankings.




To test whether the trend has any merit, I’ve decided to add the maps embed tool in my mastermind course website. Since I have over 1 million indexed pages and growing, I thought I would put them to use for a good cause. I’ve selected a client site and entered a keyword which wasn’t ranking for maps but was ranking for position 9 on the 1st page of Google.


A month after adding the maps embed code into the tool, I found the website on top of the 3 pack for the test keyword.


If you are an SEO guy, you understand that seeing the needle move is like winning a jackpot in a poker tournament. To confirm my finding, I’ve decided to double check with the mastermind group members before sending the result to my client. Below are the responses I received.




Analysis and Conclusion

Based on the responses I received, the result gave me some insights.

1) Maps embed syndication does influence local rankings. If you are creating an external blog post, be sure to include your client’s maps embed code.

2) The rankings will not be consistent due to Google’s data centers in different geographic locations seeing different amounts of embed. It takes time for Google to recrawl the pages that have been updated with the embed code.

3) If you use a ranking tracking software to collect data using proxy IPs, you’ll rarely see consistent rankings data. It’s no wonder why people are complaining about ranking inconsistencies found via rank tracking services these days.


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