How to Get Your Foot in the Door With Yelp Enhanced Profile

As opposed to a basic Yelp profile, Yelp Enhanced Profile helps a brand represent its listing page with features that include an expanded “About Us” page as well as the ability to block ads from the competition. Since consumers want more than just a good restaurant on Yelp, many home improvement stores and retail shops can gain more visibility. To put it bluntly, all local businesses can benefit from Yelp, and their marketing ROI can significantly increase via Yelp Enhanced profile.


This Yelp profile option has all of the features provided with the Basic profile plus the following advanced features:-

Agency access
Multiple logins
Customized user access
Bulk claiming locations
A dedicated support manager
Enhanced reporting abilities
Single location and bulk update
Continuous location data verification
Performance metric reporting by location
Ability to remove or merge duplicate profiles
Individual, regional or master location access
Aggregated reporting covering multiple locations
A centralized dashboard for multi-location management
Video and photo slideshow features that let you add a promotional video or images in any preferred order

Why Yelp Enhanced Profiles Are So Important

Brands that upgrade to a Yelp Enhanced profile significantly increase their ability to rank higher, engage consumers and convert their target audience. By restricting competitor’s ads, businesses can keep visitors on their profile page instead of distracting them with ads that take them away.

Using Yelp Enhanced Profile to Get Your Foot in the Door

You can hire a VA to go through Yelp and pull the businesses with a basic profile. Contact the business either via contact forms, cold email, or direct mail. You can use the template below to create a compelling offer. Keep in mind that SEO or PPC upsell can wait until your foot in the door offer gains traction.

—————— sample email copy ——————

Hi (Prospect),

I’ve noticed you have a basic business listing on Yelp and there is a way to drastically increase targeted traffic to the page.

If you have a few minutes this week, I can go over how a Yelp Enhanced Profile can drive more customers and sales.

Each New Yelp Enhanced Profile account comes with $300 in yelp ads credit at no charge for your business so you can see it working right away.

Thank you for your time.





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