I immigrated to the United States from South Korea when I was 10 years old. When the internet took off in the 90’s, I started to learn web programming and internet marketing as a hobby while running two other business ventures. What started out as a hobby soon turned into a full-time profession.
During my career, I’ve helped thousands of small businesses, ad agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. I also became the third founder of a supply chain SAAS startup which was sold for millions.

With my programming background, SEO knowledge, and marketing angles, I was able to put on many hats including lead developer, lead consultant, and lead project manager for various marketing projects for agencies and companies.

I’ve created this blog to educate my clients and share my views on marketing. I am hoping this blog will bring value to your marketing endeavors.

If you are a marketing professional specializing in SEO, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/SEOSignalsLab/ for information on how to leverage my framework by helping businesses scale their online presence.

To your success,
Steven Kang